Varieties of bags and materials from which they are made are more than you can count. Business bags, diplomats and cases, evening handbags and klatches, travel bags and suitcases. Each of them has its own purpose and place in the heart of the owner. But being a part of your active lifestyle, even the most qualitative bags of famous brands are often not possible to avoid damage. Scratches, worn spots, broken fasteners, rupture of leather, spots these are nasty little things that not only affect the appearance of the bag, but also the image of a person who keeps it in his hands.
Company Shoesing is ready to qualitatively restore your favorite accessories.

The basic works concerning repair of bags: Repair of the bags leather, repair of briefcases and travel bags, replacement of the bags handles, eyelets and buttons, repair of fasteners and locks, replacing of the lining, zippers and accessories.

Leather repair

There are different types of damage occurred with most popular material for manufacturing of bags: cuts, scratches, worn spots, ruptures, etc. Our specialists are eager to solve any of these problems. We have a large variety of liquid leathers, dyes and other special means for restoration of the leather surface. If necessary we are able to replace the whole damaged part using the leather that matches the texture and the colour of the original.  

Repair of briefcases

An indispensable attribute of a business man should meet his high status. We will repair and restore the leather, replace fasteners, zippers and handles, without separating you for a long time from a reliable business accessory.

Repair of travel bags and suitcases

Our masters are able to replace wheels, retractable handles, clean the inside of the bag, fix fasteners and zippers.

Repair of the bags handles

Shoesing executes the work concerning replacement of the handles leather, change and repair of the bags fasteners, clasps and blocks. In case of serious damage we can make new handles of natural leather.

Repair of the bags fasteners

We replace and repair all types of fasteners, including fixing of a new zipper. We change sliders. Restore the old fasteners of briefcases.
Safety of you bags content is first of all!

Dry cleaning of bags

In the manufacturing of modern bags is almost always used a combination of different materials, that is why dry cleaning of bags is a very delicate process which should be trusted only to professionals. We use modern sparing means made by trusted manufacturers to deal with the various dirty spots that allows us to work successfully with natural leather and its substitutes, textiles, nubuck and other materials.


Replacement of zippers (1 unit) starting with 3000

Manual stitching starting with 600

Machine stitching starting with 300

Strengthening of handles starting with 1000

Installation of the suitcase locks, magnetic locks, buckles (excluding cost of the material) starting with 1500

Replacement of retractable handles (excluding cost of the handles) starting with 2000

Replacement of the accessories: eyelets, riveting, buttons excluding cost of the material (1 unit) starting with 100

Making of new leather or textile handles to pattern (1 unit) starting with 5000

Making of hanleholders (1 unit) starting with 1000

Making and replasement of the leather or textile lining (1 unit) starting with 5000

Making of leather or textile decorative elements and parts of the bag to pattern (1 unit) starting with 1000

Elimination of scratches, worn spots, ruptures ( starting with 1500

Installation of a suitcase lock starting with 3000

Installation of a magnetic lock, buckle starting with 1000


Dry cleaning of bags, restoration of colour (leather, suede, nubuck) starting with 7000

Dry cleaning of bags, restoration of colour (textile) starting with 5000

Dry cleaning of bags, restoration of colour (fur) starting with 7000

Changing the color of leather bags starting with 9000

Water repellent application 500

Antibacterial processing (internal surface) 500


Arrival of a courier 300

We accept cash and credit cards MasteCard, Visa, Maestro.

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