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Like you, above all in business we value our reputation. Company Shoesing has been working on the market of footwear service for more than 10 years already and have deserved confidence of the most exacting clients. During all this time blameless professionalism has been our main motto.

Only advanced technologies and equipment. Only original materials. Guaranteed quality result.




We 100% share your view to look carefully after yourself. That is why Shosing is not just a shoe repair. It is a real delicate science about the laborious restoration of the key garments.

Trusting in our specialists you can be sure that your favorite pair of shoes, klatch or suitcase, without which you can't imagine your usual look will survive the second birth.

Do not doubt, things that are dear to your heart will serve you for a long time.

Be sure, we will save the secrets of your style!



Author's eyeglass frame, unique watches, designer cufflinks or brooch, light silk scarf or manually embroidered tie - these are the smallest details of a unique image. Well, elegant shoes and bags will forever remain main sounds in this rich style chord.

Immaculate cleanliness, neatness and chic - eternal companions of real ladies and gentlemen.

Appropriate and timely care of the favourite garments is a sign of respect to yourself and your image.

Real nobility is like a rare diamond, and we will help you to preserve it.