Shoesing offers a wide range of shoe repair and restoration services, which will be surely done on the highest level, using only the best materials and professional equipment.

We work with all types of footwear materials and take highly individual approach to every task, taking into consideration features of damage and personal wishes of the customers.

Shoe restoration

Our masters are able to change the sole, wedge heel, fully or partly change the leather parts (including lining and insole), to restore heels and counters, to colour toecaps, to restore shoes after the impact of reagents. Using liquid leather of the new generation for shoe restoration and experience of our masters helps to restore the original look of your shoes almost in every case.

Shoe stretching

A delicate service of shoe stretching must be done only by qualified specialists in order to avoid shoe deformation and leather damage.  We fulfill shoe stretching using only the modern equipment and are ready to perform the toughest tasks such as stretching of suede shoes.

Replacement and repair of heels

We possess an impressive collection of spare heels of all forms and styles that have already saved several dozens of favorite shoes. Moreover we can manufacture even the rarest forms of heels to order. <br><br>
We fulfill covering heels with leather, restoration of scratches, colouring, strengthening of the heel and efficient replacement of tips.

Top of boots: taking in

Since this type of work is considered to be one of the hardest in shoe service, our specialists narrow and shorten tops of boots only manually, paying special attention to every stitch. We accept boots made of all types of materials.

Replacement of accessories

We are proud that with us are working masters, duly qualified to work with zippers and fasteners of elite shoe brands, able to fulfill their work in such a way that you will not tell the repaired shoe from the new one.<br><br>
We also replace small accessories such as velcro, small straps, buckles, hooks and buttons. Accessories are replaced with the original ones if possible or with analogues.

Sole protectors

For your shoes live longer we suggest such prevention service as installation of wear resistant sole protectors. Such preventive measures are highly recommended in cases, when the sole of the shoe is made of leather, since this kind of material is very sensitive to wear and bad weather conditions.  We choose the sole protectors to match the colour of the original shoe sole, as for example a famous red colour of Christian Louboutin.

Cleaning and dry cleaning of footwear

Weather conditions, ecology, dust and smog, as well as temperature and humidity of the feet inside shoes can significantly reduce the life of your favorite things. That is why Shoesing recommends doing professional cleaning and dry cleaning of your footwear regularly. We especially advise to do the cleaning of the new shoes, so that our specialists could process the leather sole (before insolation of sole protector), leather heel, welt and top of the shoes with special protective means.<br><br>
We will remove worn spots, stains, spots from salt and fat, restore footwear, deformed because of the contact with moisture and eliminate the consequences of the contact with reagents. <br><br>
Our specialists have proved in practice excellent knowledge of material properties and their behavior when being cleaned by professional means. This allows us to do cleaning of footwear and bags made of suede, nubuck, textiles in any combination and colour. We use the latest technology for stain and dirt removal, including sparing methods, as well as manual cleaning. We use individual approach in every case to avoid damage of the item.


Half sole protectors male and female (1 pair) 900

Manual stitching of the sole 1000

Full sole protectors, including the heel (1 pair) 1200

Tips front of the sole (1 unit) 250


Male and female tips of the heel with/without leather 800/1300

Female tips of the stiletto heel (1 pair) 500

Chiseling out of bushings (1 unit) 100

Change of the heels leather (1 pair) Starting with 2000

Complete heel replacement of male and female shoes (1 pair) Starting with 2500

Strengthening of the heels 500


Installation of elastic on top of the boot (1 pair) Starting with 2000

Shortening of the boots top (1 pair) Starting with 3000

Widening (by stretching) of the boots top (1 pair) 1200

Narrowing of the boots top (1 pair) Starting with 3000


Replacement of the zipper (1 unit) Starting with 1500

Replacement of insoles depending on the material type (1 pair) Starting with 800

Replacement of the leather counter inside (1 pair) Starting with 2000

Complete counter replacement (1 pair) 3000

Shoe stretching (1 pair) 900

Replacement of velcros (1unit) 900

Replacement of sliders (1unit) Starting with 800

Shoe restoration after the impact of reagents Starting with 1500

Restoration of shoes with liquid leather Starting with 700

Replacement of the arch supporter (1 unit) 1000


Profound shoe shine Starting with 500

Cleaning of suede footwear including coloring Starting with 700


Dry cleaning of leather footwear (1 pair) Starting with 2000

Dry cleaning of suede footwear (1 pair) Starting with 2500

Cntibacterial processing 450

Changing the color of footwear Starting with 1000


Arrival of a courier 300

We accept cash and credit cards MasteCard, Visa, Maestro.

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